Silicone Feet


Get your dream feet exclusively from our girls, made in Germany!

Some time ago Axel contacted me. He is a passionate foot lover as we are and his hobby is true art: He produces real looking silicone models of women’s feet. I couldn’t imagine the results until I had the first feet in my hand and I was blown away!

Before I saw the final results, we arranged a meeting in my studio. Alex, Patricia and Valentine were instructed how to treat their feet and then Axel started to perform some surreal kind of magic in front of my camera. I filmed the whole event, but to prevent copycats, you’ll see only some parts of the steps in this trailer.

silicone-feet_04In simple words, Axel made a mold of every girl’s feet and then he produces the final silicone models in a long-lasting process at home. He doesn’t just fill some liquid silicone into the mold, but he works with several pigmented layers to reach the most original colors, shades, hardness and general feeling of the feet.

silicone-feet_13The toe nails are of resin and they live on a real nail bed. You can even put nail polish on them if you like and wipe it away with Aceton if you change your mind some time later.

This is truly handmade craftsmanship during the whole process. No big machines, no mass production, but a unique artwork with every single product.

Here is a list of some unique features comparing to the cheap generic China feet you may find at other sites:

  • 100% silicone without cheap filling materials
  • hardness like the real feet, a firm velvet feel, not flabby
  • dyed with every single layer, not painted from the outside
  • structure, size, color and nails are replicas of the original feet
  • odor neutral, washable, non-toxic, food safe, vegan
  • individual handwork, made in Germany

silicone-feet_01You get it. These silicone feet are a complete new category of products and the only limit of the use is your own fantasy. You can do everything with them what you might want to do with real feet. Put nylons on them? Sure. They should wear your favorite shoes? Just put them on. Nail polish? Any color you want. Lick some strawberry jam from the soles? Yes!

Axel ships the feet from Germany worldwide and you will get an invoice from him. In the package are the desired feet, talcum powder and some tips of care. As every pair of feet is made by order especially for you, there will be a natural waiting time of at least 1-2 weeks. This depends on the amount of orders and a slight delay could be possible.

If you have any questions regarding the silicone feet, please feel free to contact me before ordering. If there are special wishes, for example you want your feet with a sun-tanned tone? This is possible, but Axel and I should know this before.

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