Welcome back, my dear!

Back in the days in late 2009 I met Christin the first time. She was a good friend of Linda and Janette and so we did a few photo sets in the following three years.

As far as life goes on, our contact stopped in 2012 and when I restarted fussphantasie I decided to drop Christin as a regular model, although we did some fantastic photos at that time.

A few months ago Christin sent a message to my Inbox. We met us, talked about what has happened, drank coffee and in the end she was not that amused that I wiped her out of the model section :D

So yeah, we resumed our work and did a hilarious shooting – I almost forgot how exciting, funny and overwhelming taking photos with Christin is. And this will go on, promised.

In addition to the new work, I will put together an archive pack of the old sets, some of you will remember them. There was a collaboration with Christin’s sister which is too good to be forgotten.

The productions with Christin:

  • Dirty And Delicious