Dirty And Delicious


Happy Birthday, fussphantasie!

dirty-and-delicious_cropWhat a turbulent time this was in the last months. You may have noticed the down time of the website and this was neccessary. After we came back from the Czech Republic, I had to go through some sad and painful weeks. But with the new year came new energy and I thought it would be a good sign to start at the birthday of fussphantasie.

dirty-and-delicious-30I’ve chosen a new photo set of Christin for this. Many of you know the little Christin from some years ago and after a long period of silence, she came back to my life – and to fussphantasie. Great!

We met at Christin’s house and I was in the lucky position to choose my favorite outfit for the shooting. You know, I love flats and nylons, so I photographed flats and nylons <3

Christin was wearing a light top and blue jeans leggings, called jeggings… Have you ever heard this word for this category of clothing? Me neither haha :D

Anyway, during the shooting I experienced what I have long forgotten: How crazy and spontaneous Christin is. She bit into her shoe and stuffed her old dirty nylons into my mouth. That is the part where the “delicious” from the title comes from. Oh my god.

The whole Premium Set consists of 110 standard quality photos in addition to 39 high quality pictures. The toe photo at the top is a 1:1 crop of the real image size so that you can imagine how detailed the pictures are.

download the photos