“You are my cinderella in this moment!”

There are a some words which will stay forever in my mind. This dialogue with Elena is definitely one of them.

elena_1Many of you know Elena in the meantime. She was the last girl in our gorgeous “Under Feet: NRW” clip and the only one who had a nylon pantyhose with ballerina flats at her feet. In the clip we talked English, because Elena comes from Spain and did her PhD in Cologne.

In addition this is a world premiere for fussphantasie: Elena is the first girl from an Under Feet clip who did a photo shooting with me afterwards. Highly appreciated!

Since the clip, “Cinderella” is a running gag between Elena and me. She was the princess who I gave back the shoe and I was the honorable prince lying on the street. Under Elena’s feet. With a run in her pantyhose. And a smile on both faces.

The fortune that day was, that we met again two hours later at a completely different place totally random. I was walking down the street, tired after the long shooting and Elena drove by with her bike.
“Hello!” – “Ah Hi :D

Moments you can’t describe with words. And now Elena is here, what a present!

The productions with Elena:

  • Sunsport
  • The Canary Girl