Foreign Socks – Part 8


“Can I have your socks please? You’ll get new ones in return.”

foreign-socks-8_2I’ve almost forgotten how it began, what I did some years ago. At this point I won’t start a sad story about the past, will do a seperate blog posting about this, but at least I have to mention that something was missing: My impulse to go out on the street and talk with girls.

If you discover something you want to change, then you should simply do it. And that’s it :)

5 years ago it was the last time I went out to ask some girls, if they like to give me their used socks in change of a new pair. “Foreign Socks Part 1-7” was based on photos only, but times change and that’s why I took my video camera with me now.
(Note to myself: Create an archive pack of the old 7 photo series)

foreign-socks-8_4Alessandra, a very good friend of mine, walked with me through the city of Cologne, the weather was sunny and we had much fun making jokes and telling stories. Indeed she was the one who started to talk to the girls at first, not me. I was like: :o wow, ok.

Granted, there were a few girls who found it crazy and didn’t want to give us their socks, but the other ones were spontaneous and open minded.

I explained what I do with fussphantasie for years, told the story of our “Under Feet” projects, talked about my models, my visitors and so on.

Almost every girl said that she doesn’t like her feet and that was the moment to give something back to them. Compliments, acceptance and a positive sight from a man’s eye. I wouldn’t say I convinced everyone, but at least they started to think about their feet and that there are masses of guys who simply like feet. A very good deal.

In the end we had six girls on camera and six pairs of socks. Some more interesting conversations, but they aren’t in this clip. We focused on the socks this time.

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