All began with Jutta

nylon-pantyhoseWithout her, this site would not exist. As a long time best friend and the most understandable person for all of my quirks, Jutta was there from the first idea, through the development and lastly as my first model.

Jutta contributed with many ideas, support for several video clips and one of the most important things for me: an honest female opinion. I always wanted this site to be a space, where girls feel comfortable and safe and Juttas views were the best I could get.

Many years she was very active with everything until a fairy-tale happened. I won’t dig too deep now, but fussphantasie was a marriage maker and that’s a thing I’m very proud of :)

Jutta will always be a part and the mother of this site, albeit not as an active model anymore.

The productions with Jutta:

  • Archive Pack: Jutta #02
  • Archive Pack: Jutta #01