The face of this site

pink-barefootI met Kathrin at the theatre in 2004, long before this site existed. She was a mentor for little children there and an actress herself. I call it a fortunate circumstance that she joined fussphantasie more than a year later, because she was my birthday gift from Jutta.

Kathrin is a highly creative, versatile and open girl. Not only that she loves pink, but we found out that we share many other commonalities. In the years after we did a tremendous amount of different projects and ideas and shared much time together.

We visited different cities in Europe despite my fear of flying, made a party concept for varying events and we even raised two little bunnies <3

Eventually Kathrin moved. She’ll stay in my heart forever though. I couldn’t thank her enough what she did for me, for this site and for all of us.

The productions with Kathrin:

  • Archive Pack: Kathrin & Striped Socks
  • Out Of Order
  • Bitterfeet Symphony