Lost & Found 2018


Two years of forgotten pictures and clips

lf2018_patriciaLong time visitors know my habit to send out free pictures and clips at the end of the year. Last year I missed it for obvious reasons, but now it is time for this again.

This is a collection of many photos from sock orders from my models themselves. They shoot the socks before sending them out to the customers.

But this won’t end here. In the past I got a new “hobby” to take pictures from the inside of random shoes. Those of you who know the Santa Claus clips from cc-feet, will see a reminiscence to that.

On top of it all there are many random sock photos in this collection. All from pretty girls, well worn and insanely dirty. This was a joy especially for me, you know, I’m that kind of guy who could die for this… :D

How did I get them? Well, that should be my secret I suppose. No, I didn’t simply steal or buy them, that would have been too easy. Let your fantasy grow, that’s what I’m doing every day.

In addition there are three clips which I took with a cell phone. Normally I have bigger cameras with me, but sometimes the mobile camera is better than nothing if you stumble upon a nice situation by chance.

Mates, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thank you all for your extraordinary support and your kind words you have sent to me. I will keep on going with my sites in the new year, but at first I’ll take a short break. The first vacation in 8 years for me, I need some distance from the last months, you have read it in my last post.

But now let’s celebrate Jesus’ birthday and enjoy the free 258 MB collection of photos and clips <3

download L&F 2018