My bunny’s mum

I know Nina for a very long time. As a growing teen she came onto my radar due to some quirks in life, which almost everyone will undergo at some point.

nina-barefoot-nike-airmaxMany funny and remarkable situations happened since then. Nina is the mother of my little oh-so-beloved bunny Lilli, which I have to mention here, because this is probably the strongest bond we have for years. And it deserves a heart <3

Regarding Nina: A beautiful and crazy girl who loves to change her hair color from black to blond to red and back again. She is unbelievably skilled with artistic sports, manages different sale groups and deals with rummage goods. Besides, Nina jobs in a café and is very inventive to turn nothing into money.

Patience pays back. I noticed her pretty feet for quite some time. And finally it’s time for shootings.

The productions with Nina:

  • Smoke, Spit And Dirt
  • Nina Remote Controlled