Under Feet: Czech Republic


UFT mystery revealed: Czech Republic = Tschechien

This was a complicated birth. For months we were sitting, thinking and talking. Collecting ideas and discarding them again. In the end Fritz and I decided to leave Germany and travel to another European country. The choice fell on Czech Republic, because… no idea, we just did it :D

As Prague is the capital and naturally full of tourists, we decided to visit Pilsen (Plzeň). We wanted the Czech girls and not the tourist people, so a smaller town should be the ideal place. Fabienne attended us and together we went on to our holiday.

I instantly fell in love with this town! The people were open-minded and have been extremely friendly to us. Plzeň had a wide span from industrial areas, over a university to a super sweet old town. The most unnatural thing for us were the bus lines though. They were driving with electricity, the whole town had power lines hanging in the air.

The restaurants were very good, we rented a flat for us to spend our time and we had some very pretty days with plenty of sunshine. One day it was so warm that Fritz had to buy suncream for his face.

Now we’re getting closer to the topic: Feet on the face!
I was very curious how the Czech girls would react to our rather unique project. To say it with short words: There are no real differences to good old Germany. The girls had the same fears, they also laughed like crazy, some said “no” – but many of them were curious and I got the feeling that they liked to participate somewhat easier than in the western part of Europe.

Don’t know what the reasons were, maybe we were just too irresistible :) No, just kidding. Maybe the girls are a tiny little bit less anxious to get in contact with strangers, less reservation.

For this video project we met 22 wonderful girls and women. This time I fulfilled my wish to be less static than in the other clips. We simply didn’t stay at one place, but walked through the city and took the chances and situations we have obtained.

From the technical aspect this was more difficult as you don’t have always the best lightning conditions and at the main streets it was rather loud from the traffic, but it was way more fun.

It was such a fun and the girls were so brilliant that I didn’t really want to leave Plzeň. I definitely had one watery eye when we drove back to Cologne. Most likely I will visit Czech Republic soon again. I even thought about moving there… some day maybe.

So, thank you, you gorgeous girls! We definitely enjoyed lying under your pretty feet and everyone of you was a little princess by her own <3

Addendum: As some of you always ask for the music, I’ve created a public Spotify playlist of the soundtrack. Listen to it here: https://goo.gl/DA3fAh – enjoy!

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