Malina can’t be described in a few sentences. She is such a versatile girl and sometimes I have to hold my breath, although I can deal with spontaneus situations very well.

Some time ago Malina drove ambulance cars and she told me that ambulance drivers have to pay for speed tickets – I found this hilarious :D

Telling stories is a topic anyway, because we are more talking than shooting photos, which can be difficult sometimes if you want to have a photographic result at the end.

If I could be in another person’s mind for one day, I’d choose Malina. The colors to experience must be astonishing. As this is rhetoric for sure, I enjoy her living colors instead. Plus, if she could choose a dream job, she would caressing bunnies professionally.┬áThis is it!

The productions with Malina:

  • Archive Pack: Malina & Socks
  • A Birkenstock Dream