Sporty Spice

yellow-punk-socksThere was a wish, I search and I found. This is the short essence of the story how I met Alex.

She is one of the three protagonists from the famous Pussy Riot series, where I asked some punk girls on the street, if I can take some photos of them. The feedback was very positive and we had much fun.

dirty-white-socks-pumaAlex had a turbulent time after that, but she grounded eventually and lives a happy and satisfying life with many goals and wishes since then.

She is a totally uncomplicated girl, charming and a tremendous dog lover. The latter laid the ground for her career choice in future.

I’m so happy to have Alex as an active model and I’m looking forward to our next projects which will follow one after another.

The productions with Alex:

  • Corona Coffee
  • Silicone Feet
  • Mouthwash