The incarnation of my childhood dreams

love-socksEveryone who knows me better, is aware of my fantasies I had as a little child.
I dreamt of the horsegirls in my class. Those classmates were sensible, had dreamy eyes and were somehow romantic.

Patricia is such a horsegirl! When I made an announcement at Facebook for a horse shooting, she answered and we are bound since then.

She goes riding with her own horse regularly and has many different other interests. A wise and deep girl, sporty and musical. Patricia plays violin, thrombone and the piano a little bit.

As she moved away from Cologne recently, we don’t meet each other┬ámuch often anymore. Nevertheless I will do further shootings with my Patricia ‘Del Rey’ :)

The productions with Patricia:

  • Silicone Feet
  • Shopping In Nylons
  • Taste The Nylons
  • A Train To Nowhere
  • Archive Pack: Patricia & Nylons