Let’s party

Valentine found her way to fussphantasie thanks to Patricias recommendation. Valentine did some model shootings before, but foot photography was a new aspect for her.

Despite that, our first meeting was laid-back and very entertaining. She was not afraid of the lens, which is a thing many girls have at first.

Valentine likes extreme horror movies, reads many books and does many sporty workouts in particular. Short time ago I read an article about “spornosexuality” in our society and I think this term fits Valentine very well :D

Plus, she loves shoes, especially High Heels. Although it is a bit difficult to arrange an appointment between us, we will see new series and clips in future.

The productions with Valentine:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Silicone Feet
  • Awesome ASMR
  • Happy Valentine
  • Away With The Socks