The shopping queen

jana-shoes-sandalsJana is almost everything you can imagine. Her roots are Polish and Swedish, but there are much more things in her colorful life.

She is a dancer, an actress, she writes books and screenplays and – yes – she is my model.

There is almost no thing which she doesn’t want to check out and so we benefit from each other in many ways. Jana has very good ideas, her point of view is wise and pragmatic and she is very brave regarding shootings in public.

I’m so glad that I found Jana, her contribution to fussphantasie is substantial.

The productions with Jana:

  • The Cinderella Projects
  • Flynk Schuhli Sw├ąppa
  • Too Hot For Socks
  • Modern Stalking
  • Shopping Queen
  • Archive Pack: Jana & Nylons